Based out of Warwickshire in the UK, we are a research and development company with a rich history of engineering and systems technology research. As our name suggests, we fearlessly strive to produce new and innovative hardware, software and data solutions for our ever expanding client base.

Since 2010, we have partnered and lead benchmarking projects worldwide within the energy, pharmaceutical, defence, construction, transport, agriculture and security sectors.

We are proud to have partnered with Government organisations such as Innovate UK; Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) UK and the European Commission (Framework 7, Horizon 2020) who have provided us with the backbone to research fundamental challenges to society through structured grants.

Intrepid Minds Robotics or IMR as the brand is better known is the Intrepid Minds spin off brand. IMR is dedicated to our work in the development of robotics hardware, the software which controls it and all other supportive systems such as communications, sensors, photonics. Originally working in the maritime domain, we have now expanded to cover air, ground, sea and subsea as part of our scope. We strive to push the boundaries with each additional product.
Willis AgriTech is a Dorset, UK, based sustainability company. The products are developed under the mantra of ‘Do More’. This could be through better data, more resources, or better technology, but all focused on the idea of sustainability. Willis AgriTech is a spin off-brand from Intrepid Minds due to the vast amount of interest in an autonomous tractor project we did in partnership with Wessex Internet – 5G Rural Dorset.
The growth of industry hits many communities around the world; however, some remote communities still find it difficult to be linked into this demand for quality hand-made, natural and sustainably sourced products. Alkuto has been set up to link those communities with a global market. This brand has grown to start including small scale sellers from outside of Africa but will always keep the same ‘natural’ ethos. Now available on Etsy.


Our ultimate goal is to provide services that are tailored to our customers’ needs and develop ground-breaking hardware, software and products as swiftly as possible by using an agile, intrepid and collaborative approach.


Intrepid Minds expertise regularly gets called in to augment with other, larger teams to take a specialist role. This could be in driving a particular process or methodology or technical competence in hardware or software.


Staff at Intrepid Minds are passionate and love to research new ways of addressing challenges. Our staff regularly complete tech, market, competitor, business or investment level research.


Whole lifecycle development of highly complex technical products to meet a range of challenges. Intrepid Minds development areas specialise in transport, autonomy, medical devices, agriculture and CNI


Intrepid Minds team members are often asked to supply a number of solutions to a real problem. This may be making something quicker, cheaper or using only specific parts. Intrepid Minds formulate, decipher and come up with several solutions.


At Intrepid Minds we are agile and customer-centric, we operate through an iterative development process. Providing a full spectrum of services, covering a wide range of subjects, ensuring a solution that is specifically tailored for you.

Research enables us to create products based on the best possible insight. It assures our clients that specialist knowledge informs our design decisions. Informed intent and meaningful, measurable impact are foundations for our intrepid design approach
We encourage our people to be uniquely themselves and to push the boundaries of what is normal, ordinary and expected. ​ We give them an inimitable environment to design and develop inspired concepts that serve the greater good. ​
Our systems development team learned that we must design, test, play, build, and break down before we get to the bottom line. Our work is fuelled by the passion our people have for what they do. That's why exciting projects are key to our best practices. It is a platform for us to experiment, improve and deliver the extraordinary.
In all projects, we do a lot of testing to ensure a suitable solution for each one. Because each of the projects is unique for us where we find to incorporate unique solutions too


We have developed products across three key domains, to facilitate our services and meet our clients’ unique needs.


Our robotic assets are built from scratch. Made from a mix of hundreds of different materials our technology is always fit for purpose, having long duration capability in the air, ground sea or subsea. We operate across the full spectrum of environmental challenges.


We have three major systems built by ourselves. Our coding teams are able to easily integrate what we do into other systems and link the data layers to provide very specific, deep learning, reporting to the right people, at the right time.


Our sensors are made to be robust. Our sensors link to a common base, which can be situated anywhere; from under the sea, to pressurised piping. They can collect and store or communicate data around the world.


We are passionate about seeing good ideas through to market, but our end goal is making a difference.

We endeavour to inspire our people with each project we select. Engineering an array of specialised products and systems to meet your requirements, tailored to your specification. We are demonstrating the art of the possible in everything we do.

We actively encourage our teams to express their individuality and nurture their interests in projects, empowering them to create the unexpected. Their passion for what they do shines through every finished product.

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Intrepid Minds’ led a 12-month project with support from Innovate UK and in partnership...
Engineering | Transportation




Intrepid Minds’ teamed up with the University of Reading, the UK Home Office’s Centre for...


Intrepid Minds were commissioned to develop a virtual fence product for livestock...
Technology | Transportation


Indagatus was born from a The Long Endurance Marine Unmanned Surface Vehicle (LEMUSV) project...



 At Intrepid Minds we nurture a culture of extraordinary people with curious, creative minds who are passionate about delivering intrepid solutions. Our international team of engineers, designers, researchers, project managers, and more work together to design products that inspire, motivate, and push the boundaries of what is possible.

As part of our rapid growth, we are actively recruiting. Please find a list of vacant positions below.

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