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Indagatus was born from a The Long Endurance Marine Unmanned Surface Vehicle (LEMUSV) project, which was initiated in 2012 by the UK NOC, NERC and DSTL to develop a next generation unmanned surface vehicle with the capability to operate for over 6 months in all sea states.

The focus of the project was to create a vehicle which could house a series of sensors for researching the oceans. ​

Intrepid Minds made the most of the original six-month engagement to understand in detail the requirements of these vessels, but more importantly, the common challenges faced by the wide array of products on the market. As part of this research, Intrepid Minds developed an in-house design capability for boat building, development of structures utilising carbon fibre, 3D printing and electric powertrain manufacture.

Moving on from the LEMUSV work, Intrepid Minds networked with a series of end users to develop the Indagatus product and now forms the backbone of every other vessel we develop, including version 3 of Indagatus itself.

Primary Roles:

  • Extended duration marine research
  • Strategic communications platform
  • Long term marine intelligence
  • Coastal protection
  • Environmental monitoring

Indagatus E-Type

The Indagatus E-Type vessel is a Long Endurance Marine Unmanned Surface Vehicle (LEMUSV) that has been developed to be in the water for up to one year before maintenance. Such a long period of time requires a system that is able to manage every part of the vessel for extended periods – the Indagatus E-Type is built to do that for a range of systems.

This LMUSV system was designed to be able to link into most military, research, commercial and rescue devices. It comes with standard features such as a multi-terabyte solid state data box, global positioning, autonomous self-monitoring, self-charging, location and positioning management, autonomous drive controls including active collision controls, AIT and weather variance management.


Industry:  Technology, Transportation
Client:  UK NOC, NERC and DSTL
Indagatus - Intrepid Minds